Ice Hockey Stick and Puck

WHAT Customers SAy

"Love these gloves, have been going on 8-10 hour snowmobile rides recently I wear the same pair of gloves the hole day except the trail ride down. They keep my hands warm most of the time and if they do get cold I’ll just stop and they will warm right back up unlike many other brands of gloves I have worn. They are also super convenient for filming, eating a quick snack, getting something out of your bag, and much more. In the past with other brands of gloves I would not have time to seal up my gloves to my coat every time I took them off but now there is always a seal which means my wrists aren’t cold anymore and no snow gets into my gloves. Overall I love them and highly recommended them, I don’t plan on wearing any other gloves than vogloves🙌🏽"    

— Carson