Black Full Mittens  – 

    New WARM mittens, just arrived, just in time for spring.... we know, they're late, so that's why they are ON SALE.  Regularly $90, we want them on your hands so you can have a pair for $25 off!  Same $5 flat shipping for your entire order.  


    Unlike previous mittens and trigger mitts, these new Mittens have no finger separators inside, so they are true mittens and are extra warm.  The liner touching your hands is more of a fleece material, soft to the touch.  Extra long cuff has a pull cord cinch strap INSIDE the outer shell, making the cuff have a clean look that is not bunched around your jacket at the end (see pics).


    Still great for skiing, snowboarding, but also perfect for general cold weather.  Get your new pair of mittens today and have them ready to go start of next season.


    Innovative Zipper Gloves

    • Machine-washable, durable goat leather on palm, thumb, finger side walls, finger tips
    • Waterproof / Breathable insert (secured inside so fingers do not pull out)
    • Thinsulate insulation
    • YKK water-resistant zippers, placed in the best location possible to maximize quick access to your hands
    • Wrist strap, holds open portion out of the way
    • Back of thumb is same goat leather, suede side out for nose wipe or goggle chamois
    • Long cuff with cinch cord, can go over OR under coat sleeves, BUT these mitten cuffs are LONG..... 


    BENEFITS of a simple zipper on the back of the glove:

    • Quick Access – convenience
    • Hand-Temperature Regulation – keep hands from overheating
    • No More Dropped Gloves – you don’t take them off, they can’t fall
    • Quick Dry – left in the open position, dry time is reduced substantially
    • Zipper location works for gloves AND mittens


    CANADA CUSTOMERS !!!!  We have been able to streamline our shipping for Canada to include import fees/duties.  They charge us a flat rate of $6.95 USD so the package can be dropped off without you having to pay any on top of what you pay here.  It costs us anywhere from $20 to $22 for shipping to Canada, then we have to buy the padded envelope ($2+) and then we will pay the $6.95 for import.  So we are spending $30 to ship your gloves, but only charging a flat rate of $25.  We want our Canadian friends to have quick shipments and to not pay any extra once the gloves are delivered.

    • Sizing

      ***These new full mittens are plenty big, just Small, Medium, Large and XLarge available.  Larger sizes of gloves/mittens allow for more air around your hands/fingers which means they are warmer.  Well these mittens are exaggeratedly big, but have our Original zipper opening allowing for that quick access to hands and fingers your VO Gloves and Mittens are known for.  

      Below is our regular sizing, but please note these mittens are quite big, with an extra long cuff.  

      Measuring from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger will give you the general size of what you will want.

      Please contact us with any specific questions, as we want you to have the best fitting gloves for your hands.

      Base of palm to tip of middle finger length in inches:

      8″ to 8.25″+ (Wide hands)  –  XXXLarge (Will fit easily into our XL size)

      8″ to 8.25″+  –  XXLarge (Will fit easily into our XL size)

      7.75″ to 8″  –  XLarge 

      7.5″ to 7.75″  –  Large 

      7.25″ to 7.50″  –  Medium 

      7″ to 7.25″  –  Small 

      6.75″ to 7″  –  XSmall (Not available in this size)

      5.50″ to 5.75″ –  3XSmall (Not available in this size)

    $89.99 Regular Price
    $64.99Sale Price