Why a Zipper on your gloves?

Used to taking your gloves on and off? Tired of breaking the seal between your coat and gloves? Looking for a solution to the hassle and wasted time? You have come to the right place.

You get your gloves on, you get your coat situated so no wind or snow can get in, now you need to take a selfie and post it on your favorite social media site so your friends can see how cool you look before you roll down the hill in a ball of snow, right? Well one little problem, you have gloves on that took forever to get straight, and now you need to pull one off to unzip your pocket, pull out your phone. Off come your gloves, and you get ready for the shot, you smile, “click,” you got it, posted, and ready to put that phone back in your pocket and go back through the hasssssssle of getting your glove back on and secured with your coat. Why not just have a zipper that allows you to do all of this in a fraction of the time? I know, right? See what problems a simple zipper solves below:

Quick Access – convenience

Hand-Temperature Regulation – keep hands from overheating

No More Dropped Gloves – you don’t take it off, it can’t fall

Quick Dry – left in the open position, dry time is reduced substantially

Cool Factor Instantly Raised

Quality of time on the mountain just went way up, and you now spend less time messing with your gloves, and more time playing




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