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Innovative Zipper Gloves for $80.00.  ….plus shipping.

-Machine-washable, treated leather on palm and finger tips

-Thinsulate insulation

-YKK water-resistant zippers, placed in the best location possible to maximize quick access to your hands

-Wrist strap, holds open portion out of the way

Having a simple zipper opening on the back of the hand provides the following benefits:

Quick Access – convenience

Hand-Temperature Regulation – keep hands from overheating

No More Dropped Gloves – you don’t take it off, it can’t fall

Quick Dry – left in the open position, dry time is reduced substantially

Zipper location works for gloves AND mittens (coming soon)

Click the image below to see how easy they work:


Purchasing instructions and shipping information below

Buy your new VO Gloves, Black and tan color shown above, in the Add to Cart button below.

Choose the size you would like and click “add to cart.” You will be taken to the PayPal site where you can use PayPal or a credit card of your choice.

Update quantities on that page or click back here to add other sizes and “add to cart,” this will update the PayPal page. Shipping will be added. It is a flat $9.25 for the first four pair, and a total of $15.00 for five pair or more. Utah residents will have sales tax added.

***Sizing:  Glove sizes can vary greatly from one glove manufacturer to another.  Our black and tan VO Gloves are on the larger size so order accordingly or Contact us with any questions you may have.



3 Responses

  1. Gaby Hoffman says:

    The best gloves ever! I have 2 pair and I got my husband a pair. Great if you have kids. You can attend to them without taking your gloves off. Great ski gloves! You have to get them in ski shops! Everyone needs these!

  2. Neil Goodman says:

    Im sorry the KS Did not work out, but I ordered from you anyways to show my support for a great idea. Good luck!

  3. Jenn K says:

    These are hands down the best gloves I have ever owned. I was sad to not be able to find them anywhere and then I walked into Salty Peaks and there they were! I wish they weren’t that expensive, but such is the world of gloves.
    I only see a pair of finger gloves for purchase on this site. Do you have any mittens? I LOVE them. LOVE them, and need to buy for my son who is getting into snowboarding.

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